We offer counseling for children, adolescents and families who are struggling

with a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. 

I am a provider for Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) in the 17th Judicial District (Adams & Broomfield Counties). If you feel you may be eligible for CVC funding, please reach out to them. For victims who qualify for funding, I will bill CVC directly. 

I am a provider for The Second Wind Fundwho provides reduced cost services to children and adolescents ages 19 and younger who are at risk of suicide.  Please contact Second Wind Fund if you feel you or your child may be eligible for their services. 

Individual Counseling

The experiences in our lives shape us and define our relationships with ourselves and others.  In individual counseling, children, adolescents and adults are given a safe space to both honor and explore the behavioral, emotional and social stressors that arise throughout their lives.  Through self-discovery, mindfulness and promoting our own strengths, individual counseling can help identify and heal the stressors in our lives, such as: anxiety and depression, work/life balance, trauma, familial struggles, or grief and loss. Being honest with ourselves and giving ourselves the space and time to embrace our struggles, that is when personal growth, healing and empowerment can begin.

Group Work

Group therapy is a powerful tool for children, adolescents and adults alike. Group therapy enables members to receive real-time and honest feedback from other group members and this is where the power of group work lies!  With support from the group facilitator, members learn ways to connect with one another, feel a sense of comradery and build strengths.  Through these connections and new skills, members are able to take these changes out into their relationships in the 'real world'. Currently, we do not have a group scheduled; however, continue to check back or inquire if you or your child is interested in participating in a group.


 I offer a free phone consultation for all new  clients.

​ Fee for therapy is $100 for 60 minute sessions. 
 Any  consultation or observations with other  professionals will be billed according to my  hourly rate.

Play Therapy

​​​​Children and adolescents are often faced with numerous struggles as they learn, grow and become their own individual selves.  Bullying, parent's divorce, grief or loss, peer struggles are some of the various life events and stressors that cause our children and adolescents to experience emotional and psychosocial difficulties.  Play therapy promotes the power of play and enables children to honor their own developmental level.  After a safe and trusting relationship is created between the therapist and client, client's are able to freely express themselves and growth, healing and empowerment can begin. In play therapy, children and adolescents will learn to better understand their emotions and learn helpful tools for how to effectively and safely express their thoughts and feelings. 

​ I accept cash, personal checks or credit  cards.  Payment is due at the time of service.

 Currently, I do not accept insurance or bill  through any medical plans. However, I am  happy to provide you with the  documentation  you may need to submit for  reimbursement.

Waking Life Counseling, LLC

Parent-Child Interactional Evaluations

A PCI Evaluation is a structured interview designed to assess the attachment styles between parents and their children. Additionally, this evaluation  assesses a parents' internal representations of their relationship to their child or children.  Typically, a PCI Evaluation is requested by a Guardian ad Litem, Child Legal Representative, or a Caseworker when there is concerns regarding the safety and/or relationship between a parent(s) and child(ren).